Can you believe we are halfway into 2022! Even though a lot has changed YOUR PURPOSE has not. This new series on the blog: “MID-YEAR MOTIVATE” is for people who have put their assignments, dreams, goals, and aspirations on hold because of LIFE. Remember my very first blog post. It’s never too late to begin again, you only fail if you allow failure as your option. This series will be weekly reminders to challenge you to:


Mid-year Motivate is designed to jumpstart your midyear off with focus to finish strong!

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

2 thoughts on “MID-YEAR MOTIVATE

  1. Thank you for much for your “Mid-Year Motivate” blog! At age 67, I am still able to Revisit, Realign, and Redefine!. It is a struggle, but it is “WORTH IT

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