mountains and valleys with sunset and clouds, plateaus


Plateaus are often described as “higher ground” OR a place of “no progress”. I believe they are meant to be experiences that bring direction to our purpose in life. Plateaus are often hit when we are on the verge of SOMETHING NEW!

It is a discovery that oftentimes appears as a stopping point BUT is actually a breaking point! This part of the journey teaches us lessons to be learned AT A DIFFERENT ANGLE. It is so hard to be motivated and disciplined THROUGH this; but we can be confident that it will unlock new levels of improvement within us.

Let’s look at it like this

Plateaus have a beautiful view AND they also show the valleys and difficulties ahead

Donna Robinson, Blogger

It may SEEM like two steps back when in reality it is stored up vision! Don’t regress, you have come to far to start over! Find biblical and resourceful people, places, or things that will add wisdom and value to steer you in the right direction. Push past your plateau with progress. There will be a powerful outcome on the other side!

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