6 ways to DE-stress

Stress is a common silent killer to our purpose, health, and happiness. It comes in many forms and oftentimes happen so fast our emotions become victims and create problems we are not meant to carry. We all experience stress at times in our lives and it’s OK! The important key is HOW to handle them. I am no therapist and are not against therapy. But I do understand that life can be stressFULL. However (see my post here) I have found these to help me get through it.


PRAYER is a place of shelter and rest. Exchange your struggles and find strength in God through prayer.

DECLUTTER!!!! What you see physically can affect the way you feel. Get rid of things that keep you stagnated.

UNPLUG & REGROUP. Take a day, an hour, or whatever you need just to breathe. Read a magazine, listen to some motivational music, watch a movie, give yourself permission to be free!

write it out

WRITE IT OUT! Unclutter your mind by writing…it can relieve you from thinking too much!

GO FOR A WALK… change your scenery allow some time for your thoughts to settle down.

MEDITATE ON THE WORD OF GOD. Meditation of God‘s word consistently allows your thoughts to align with the word Joshua 1:8.

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

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