Merry Christmas and Happy 1 New Year!!!

Donna Robinson, ATL blogger


Wow I am still new at this stage, but I am so grateful to God and all He has given me to start and continue with this blog. Starting out I did not know much, but with much PRAYER | DISCIPLINE | CONSISTENCY | LEARNING. I was able to build with PURPOSE from the ground up!

The purpose of this blog is to: BUILD | BECOME | BALANCE in every area of life! Though our journeys and paths are different we all need encouragement and sound advice to help us NAVIGATE THROUGH THEM. I look forward to where this blog takes my creativity, confidence, and character.

Thank you for supporting and subscribing; forward this to someone who will benefit from this blog and see you in 2022!

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

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