Let Us Pray

How prayer changed my life Matt. 6: 9-13

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Reality in the fall season is described as a beautiful time of transition. Temperatures decrease, leaves turn and fall, animals prepare for winter, time changes, and we go pumpkin spice crazy!! Fall season gives us a sense of happiness to how beautiful this transition can be as we layer up in our cozy socks and a warm drink of choice with family and friends. I AM HERE FOR IT ALL… It is my favorite time of year!

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Truth is sometimes transition can be a very ugly, dark, and hurt place in our lives that often drive us away into a season we have never been in before. Prayer has and always will be a place of access where we can escape our realities and be in a greater presence in the present! Life will line up with truth through prayer. It has given me the stability to stand and the faith to believe during and through difficult seasons in my life. Watch my video HERE for some encouraging words concerning prayer.

Falling to our knees humbles us where we need help.

Falling to our knees strengthens us where we are weak.

Falling to our knees develops us in places of discouragement.

Falling to our knees transitions us to safety in times of trouble.

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