REST for the journey

Every person has a journey uniquely designed JUST FOR YOU. Some journeys may sound familiar to others in one instance then completely foreign in another! It can only be understood by those who take the path.

When you are on a journey it is a constant movement, but life experiences have taught me one valuable lesson REST. We can so easily discredit REST in times of busyness, deadlines, and when unexpected turns of events hit our life. My first thought is to “fix it quickly”! Unfortunately, this can cause more damage if not handled with proper REST.


  • SPIRITUAL REST: this is my foundation of rest, this rest gives you clarity, peace, instruction, wisdom, and strength to carry you through the journey. Find scriptures that will help guide you to places of rest. One of my favorites to meditate on is Matthew 11:28. This gives me reassurance that when I come to Him, I am releasing what is holding me. Every step must be intentional and puts me closer to proximity with Him so I can hear what He is saying to me and for me!
  • MENTAL REST: don’t be reactive be proactive, know the right time to respond or give attention to a situation. Our choices are often a result of how we think, we have to choose carefully, or we could hurt ourselves and those around us.
  • PHYSICAL REST: allow time for your body to recover. With age our body goes through many changes so we must learn how and what to do when it happens. Too much at one time can put the body into shock so take it slow, remember quality over quantity.

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

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