Spring frugal self-care tips

We can all agree the cost of living has increased AND for some the paychecks have not! I believe if we work, we should enjoy the fruits of our labor. WORK HARD PLAY HARD RIGHT (read about that post HERE).

If you are like me, I love rewarding myself after finishing a goal, or huge accomplishment I set my mind to do. This blog post is to help give you 3 tips to save you from F.O.M.O and still get the rewards you deserve.

Dollar Tree Spa

Treat yourself with some hand and feet masks, bath salts, and a cozy pair of socks all under $10!!

Sell unwanted items for money and buy you something new

Clothing: Poshmark, Plato’s Closet Shoes: DSW (points towards shoes) Declutter: old DVDs Best Buy: old tech items

Early Movie

Any movie before 6pm are always cheaper.


This one is probably a favorite of mine; it is a quality of life for the body!

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