Spring into Health

bird on tree


Spring is a result from the winter chill mornings and wet rainy nights that produce a beautiful outcome of blooming flowers and blue skies! I love spring because this is a time I get go back outside and enjoy the great outdoors, travel, grill, purge (spring clean those closets), and pull those maxi dresses out the closet!

All these put me back into healthy thoughts, choices, and atmospheres: spiritually, mentally, and physically. So, I blogging a NEW series called “Spring into health”.

eat your greens

This SPRING INTO HEALTH series will consist of:

  • Easy healthy (green) recipes
  • Motivational moments
  • Exercise tips to keep the body moving!

My hopes are it will inspire to SPRING you back into what you may have put down! LET’S GO!!!

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

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