The Reveal

Gender reveal

A baby shower has now become named a “Gender Reveal Party” due to it being the highlight of the celebration. Family and friends love to be a part and are genuinely excited to see the big REVEAL of the gender they hope for! The anticipation grows as the attention is set…. At that very moment screams, tears, laughter, and emotional candid moments immediately take place when the reveal is released! So let me get to the point of why this blog post is important….. keep reading below

Wisdom revealed

The same journey happens as we keep our faith in God. Nothing can be revealed without having a place of conception FIRST!!! God made us as HIS masterpiece (Eph. 2:10), we are HIS greatest accomplishment! We grow and mature over a period of time by faith and this produces that same anticipation as the gender reveal does as we stay consistent in HIM. Wisdom revealed is simply defined as: Revelation. Science is unable to duplicate this, it cannot be contained in a history book, and no man (or) woman can exceed the revelation of HIS wisdom. We all have been given a purpose to do something and it can ONLY be revealed as we spend time with HIM. Day by day we have the refreshing gift of the Holy Spirit that will gently lead us into HIS truth (John 16:13). Watch my YouTube video Trusting God Day by Day for more insight. I challenge you today to believe and anticipate that God has a plan for your life and HE is ready to REVEAL HIMSELF to you!

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