A book needs a story

A pen needs ink and paper

Plants need soil, water, and sun

People need love and acceptance

Peanut butter needs jelly

The clouds need the sky

Babies need attention

History needs legends

Just like all these named we need the proper people, places, and things in our atmosphere in order to live and walk by FAITH!

Atmospheres are strong indicators of who you are, what you value, and how you live your life. I like to define atmospheres as the color of our emotions and feelings. This impacts us in ways that are designed to either nourish us or be negative toward us. ATMOSPHERES REALLY DO MATTER!

sunset of sky
  • What you are surrounded by?
  • Where are you positioned in life?
  • How is your state of mind towards life?

Your livelihood is dependent upon the atmosphere you are in. You hold the power of choice to decide to complain and remain OR go and grow! We can become easily persuaded not being mindful of who or what we are surrounded by. Over a period of time we can develop habits of those “small” or “it won’t hurt” atmospheres that have the potential to spiral out of control into one BIG BAD HABIT!








These are all negative atmospheres! This world is full of them, but you have to take the time to evaluate your faith and be reassured in what God’s word says about the situation. Atmospheres really do matter, choose now what you will be happy with later on in life.

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!


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