My personal mission

Everyone has a mantra they live by, a certain tradition that has been passed on in your family, or a belief they stand on. This small yet bold detail of our lives defines our “Personal Mission“. A mission is an important assignment carried out by an individual. We all as humans carry this. Some grasp it faster than others and that’s ok! You are a solution to a problem or need. It is an amazing discovery to know that YOU MATTER!

I will share a portion of what my personal mission and that is prayer. As common as it may sound to you it gives me joy to carry such an important task. The bible speaks about how one should pray in Matthew 6:6. This personal mission is not understood by many in todays generation but I understand and believe that I am called to pray. It was not an overnight discovery nor was it found through head knowledge. To my surprise it was through pain, opposition, and rejection which caused me to find my mission in life. Never allow the trials of life burden you to believe there is no life ahead.

Your personal mission is the life that is designed for you and you only. Your personal mission is the target that aims you in the right direction.

I want to ask…. what is your Personal Mission?

  • What is it about you that centers you?
  • What are you committed to without anyone having to instruct you on how to do it?
  • Where do your values draw you to create with ease?


There is a place, a space, a project, a meeting, a business, an investment opportunity, a job, a spouse, a need with YOUR name on it! You are the solution and there is a world out there waiting on you to fulfill the call!

Published by Donna Robinson

Believer, Author, Blogger, Baker, Wife, Mom, Sister who loves life!

3 thoughts on “My personal mission

  1. I love this blog and how it breakdowns different avenues of a personal mission. I love how it also give insight on trials and burdens being the doorway to your personal mission. Great Blog


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