Potential can lay DORMANT or DOMINATE your future!

No matter what age, gender, background, ethnicity, or upbringing we ALL aspire to become successful in some way. Potential will sometimes present itself as a problem first! This seems backwards, but from my life experiences I have witnessed it to be true.

For example I never knew my potential for baking until my grandmother passed away and I would miss her and her special RED VELVET CAKE. I never new my potential in my current career (in a male dominating field) until I was fired from a previous career field that I was absolutely miserable in. I never knew my potential for writing until I went through a season of loneliness.

Potential may not feel desirable at times TRUST ME, but it is actually a critical moment that can shape our destiny! Let me give you a piece of advice I had to give myself. Potential begins within you… DIG DEEP! There is so much to you, in you, and for you that is to be discovered. The choices you make today will dictate the life you live tomorrow so choose wisely. Potential should be the stepping stone when problems in life arise. Don’t lay dormant in discouragement, disgust, and depression. The end of something is just the beginning to something new. Dominate through and see the silver lining shine through the cloud. Never underestimate potential it is waiting on you to tap in and give it ALL YOU GOT!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

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