Christmas time is here!

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Christmas begins with Christ!

This time of year gives me ALL THE FEELS! The beautiful decorations click here to see my decor video, fake snow (Florida), potlucks, sweet treats, festive music, travel surges, family events, long vacations, memories of those who we lost, and those we still have with us… I can go on and on! In all these things it is the LOVE that binds it all together.

Jesus christ has and always will be the reason for the season. This season will definitely be different but the message of hope remains the same. The bible says in Isaiah 9:6 of a birth that gave life to ALL. So no matter how different as it may seem we can hold this promise close to us and make the best of what is in front of us now.

Take this time to:

  • REFLECT: on what Christ has done and who He is
  • RELEASE: old thinking, old habits, old relationships
  • PREPARE: for the journey ahead

This Christmas I want to spread the gift of hope that never stops giving; that is Jesus. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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